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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Reviewed by CIO Magazine


The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer was reviewed on the IT-focused site, CIO, recently, by James Martin, author of the "Martin on Mobile Apps" column.

In his review, Martin holds forth, "Sometimes, especially during the holidays, the Quantified Self — the popular movement in which you track your activities using gadgets like a Fitbit — transforms into the Inebriated Self. When that happens, it’s time to blow into a small gadget that analyzes your breath for its Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)."  

True enough. But while Mr. Martin may believe that using a breathalyzer in public makes you look like a "drunk nerd", something we do not agree with at all, we concede with him on the following point: "Knowing your BAC in real-time could help save lives—or at least prevent an unfortunate DUI arrest."

After putting BACtrack Mobile through its paces, Mr. Martin concludes, "Ultimately, if you’re into the Quantified Self movement and want to exercise caution when drinking, I think the device is worth the investment. The app tracks your drinking habits by location, date and time, type of drink, and other criteria."

Read the whole review: blogs.cio.com/mobile-apps/18346/are-you-being-overserved-mobile-breathalyzer-ios-android-tells-you