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BACtrack Makes a Splash with NFL Fan Report

BACtrack NFL report

The latest edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report is gaining some serious traction. The report, which focuses on the drinking habits of NFL fans on game days, has been picked up by a number of local and national stations. Many of these stations are not surprised by the fervor with which their local football fans take to drinking when their teams wins--and especially when they lose.

BACtrack NFL Report

CBS Detroit was happy to find out that their local team, the Lions, could at least get on the charts... any charts. “Cheers Lions fans… I guess,” they report. “We’re number two at something!”

Dawg Pound Nation took a similar tack, celebrating the fact that their beloved Browns “win the AFC North… in having the drunkest fans.”

CBS Philly reported on how their beloved Eagles did in the report. “According to a new study by Vinepair, in conjunction with BACtrack, Eagles fans rank as the third drunkest in the NFL. BACtrack is a company which develops smartphone breathalyzers. The company used this technology to anonymously collect BAC data from users of BACtrack Mobile during game days up until October 26.”

SB Nation in Philadelphia also focused on how the Eagles fared in the report. “It's no secret that Philadelphia Eagles fans like to drink," they begin. "And after a disappointing 3-4 start to this 2015 season, who can really blame them? It turns out that the Eagles actually have some of the drunkest fans in the NFL, according to a study..."

The Philly Voice concurs. "It's debatable as to whether the headline 'Eagles fans among drunkest' even needs the word 'study' in front of it. After all, many Birds supporters would willingly admit that they like to knock back a few more than the average NFL fan.”

FOX Channel 29 also focused on the Birds. “The Eagles may not win the NFC East on the field this year, but they’re tops in the division in one aspect: Drunkest fans. According to a survey released Tuesday, Eagles fans are the “third drunkest” in the NFL, and tops in the NFC East.”

As you might guess, the brunt of the attention from this report focused on the Buffalo Bills. WGRZ reported that, “Bills fans finished first in a ranking you probably don’t want to be at the top of.”

BACtrack in AOL

AOL reports, “The Buffalo Bills have certainly had a rough go of things in the NFL over the past couple of decades or so...That's why it's not hard to believe a new report that says that they have the drunkest fans in the NFL."

Fansided also focused in on the team whose fans are clearly the most devoted, at least according to their BAC levels. "A study conducted by BACtrack using BACtrack Mobile—a smartphone app that serves as a breathalyzer—analyzed the Blood Alcohol Content of people on Sundays from the preseason through Week 7…That study concluded that the Bills did indeed have the drunkest fans in the NFL.”

The Washington Post focused on the Redskins. "If you asked who has the drunkest fans in the NFL, Oakland and Buffalo must immediately come to mind — judging from Monday morning tailgate wrap-ups and crime reports. And while it’s been a while since we’ve seen any major dust-ups, Redskins fans still place in the Top 10 when it comes to drunkenness."

It's a fascinating study, and we are so glad people are enjoying these findings. 

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